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    Briefly on the Development Trend of High Strength Fasteners in China

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          China's fastener industry development has nearly 10 years of history, but in quality, environmental protection and energy consumption is still in a state of backwardness, in order to catch up with the international advanced level, China's high-strength fasteners development and production facing Severe test.
          After the reform and opening up is the rapid development of China's fastener market, "13" after 10 years will be high-quality market. "Made in China 2025" put forward nine tasks and ten key areas, showing the intelligent manufacturing as the core of the manufacturing strategy. For a long time, although China's fasteners have some technical accumulation, but the industry can not meet the national machinery and equipment industry production needs, on the one hand raw material strength can not meet the needs of high-strength fasteners, low-end, low-strength fastener market Saturated, and high-strength, high-precision fasteners long-term dependence on imports; the other hand, enterprise technology is weak, equipment and personnel update slow, unable to meet the high-end, high-strength fastener production needs.
          "Thirteen five" period and its future development stage, China's fastener intelligent manufacturing and technical process outlook.
          Realize the description of the primary production system of the Internet + Robot + Industry 4.0. At present people's thinking is a professional technical staff in the production equipment to install molds and fixed procedures to achieve the processing technology. And intelligent manufacturing must use the robot + industry 4.0, in order to achieve automated production and the latest management model. Robot is the most important core of intelligent manufacturing; intelligent controller is the basic conditions necessary for intelligent equipment, intelligent controller will be able to integrate multi-station cold heading machine, continuous mesh belt furnace and robot and sensor and other related devices, Smartphone or tablet.
          Processing technology data collection and control. The technology data required for intelligent manufacturing is usually not a very large amount of data, but very professional data is the right and effective data for processing specified products under specific requirements. It is an important production data that the enterprise itself accumulates for a long time, Process parameters and so on.
          About the transmission of information. Intelligent manufacturing required information transmission, the enterprise's focus is between the equipment, between controllers, between devices, between sensors, between the database and the network logistics, Internet of things standardization and high stability. The future management staff, unnecessary in the factory or production line site data, access to equipment is abnormal, whether the need to check the maintenance and so on.
          The current shortage of talent in the face of fasteners industry, the phenomenon of staff shortages more and more serious, the younger generation do not want to produce front-line work (work), fewer and fewer young people do not want a job in a job Or a field of work into a lifetime. To solve the shortage of talent in the fastener business, the traditional processing technology must be converted into high-tech intelligent equipment can be replaced, and young people like to use smart phones and tablet PCs and people communicate, if we find ways to adapt to young People thinking, using the touch panel or smart phone remote control to operate the cold heading machine or mesh belt furnace, will be a good way to attract young people to work fasteners factory.
          From the development of the entire manufacturing industry, 2016 is the "thirteen five" start year, faced with such a good opportunity for development. From the perspective of the world pattern, China is the largest supplier of fastener production, the rapid development and expansion of enterprises, fastener industry, whether horizontal or vertical development of vertical technology have a broad space for development, fastener development and revitalization The road long way to go.
          During the 13th Five-Year Plan period and its next 10 years, China's fastener industry needs to plan its objectives and catch up with foreign countries: (1) control the total quantity, improve the quality and efficiency; (2) cultivate a number of world famous brands, (3) to accelerate product structure adjustment and technological innovation; (4) to achieve the Internet + robot + industry 4.0 primary production system. High-speed rail, wind power, automobile, aviation, construction and other fields are the industry demand growth, such as the automotive industry focus on lightweight and new energy vehicles, and aerospace attention to high-strength fasteners and other material surface upgrade. The new normal, 2016 will be the development trend of these fasteners as a goal, look forward to the industry is committed to mass production of imported parts into domestic. The future of China's fastener business can only rely on the quality of the upgrade, the amount of control to obtain profits, a number of smaller, weak technical strength, low-quality raw materials and cut corners of low-cost competition, no brand of fasteners business in the transformation of innovation Was eliminated.


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