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Jennifer Page

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Once my uncle told me, “Oh you don’t wrestle like a girl, you wrestle like a boy”. And I’m like, “how do you know? I’m the only girl wrestler that you know”.

After a match a guy told me, “You’re so good, you’re not a girl.” “Yeah I am actually!” He was trying to be nice I think, but that’s not the way I took it.

When people find you wrestle it’s always like, “Oh but you’re too pretty to wrestle”. You hear it a million times. You can be pretty and wrestle, you can be a girl and wrestle. Being a female doesn’t make you any less of an athlete. You don’t have to look like a man to be a good athlete.

I think it’s a popular misconception that Olympians somehow are always confident and always know what they want. The higher up you get, the harder it is. All the time you’re always doubting yourself and there’s always going to be bad days. Olympians have just as many struggles and confidence issues as anyone else, it’s really just how you deal with them.

Femininity to me means just overcoming challenges. I think my mom has always been an example of that. If I could redefine feminine I think it would mean more perseverance, strength and focus. Real feminine is just strong and tough and we have to push through so much.


Born: March 14, 1993
Height: 5-6
College: Oklahoma City

  • 2014-15 Team USA Ranking: No. 2 at 60 kg/132 lbs.
  • Years on Team USA: 3 (2012-15)
  • Residence: Colorado Springs, Colo.
  • Club: Titan Mercury WC



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