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Jessica Medina

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When I first wrestled, I only wrestled with boys. Transition to college, it was an all-women’s team, so that kind of freaked me out a little bit, as far as I’m used to being one of the boys. Kind of made me a little insecure, because I wasn’t sure how to be feminine and still how to be tough.

People still don’t know that women’s wrestling is an Olympic sport. People are so amazed that women wrestle. Another misconception is just the way my body is supposed to look. When I say wrestler, “but you’re so cute and little” and I’m like, “but I’m an athlete”.

When I’m happy I’m like dancing for my warm up, the guys are like, what’s going on? I’m like, just having a good time warming up, and then if I’m having a bad day, you know, you can see it on my face. And at the end of the day I’m just like, I am a female wrestler and I will emotional whether I wrestle or not. This is just part of me so people are going to see that whether it’s on or off the mat.

I redefine feminine by understanding who I am, understanding my environment, understanding my support system and being confident in who I am in that environment. Truly knowing what I need it and asking for it.

I’ve been to Azerbaijan, China, Sweden, Thailand, Germany, Russia. I would have never left LA and travel like I do today, if it wasn’t for wrestling. It’s just been an avenue for me to really think about the bigger picture.

I’m Jessica Medina. I’m a female wrestler. I am passionate about this sport. It’s a global sport, it’s international. It’s taught me everything I know, it’s made me a stronger person and it is the fastest growing sport in women’s college athletics.

Redefining feminine to me means, being comfortable with yourself and knowing that you can succeed in any environment.


Born: 11/7/1986
Height: 5-1
College: Univ. of Cumberlands
High School: Pomona, Calif. (Diamond Ranch)

  • 2014-15 Team USA Ranking: No. 3 at 55 kg/121 lbs
  • Years on Team USA: 6 (2009-15)
  • Residence: Chicago, Ill.
  • Club: Sunkist Kids



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