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Rosemary Flores

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I made the cheerleading team, but then I went to wrestling practice and it was something about the challenge and just me wanting to prove myself.

There’s a lot misconceptions with women’s wrestling. If you just look at the senior world team, all of them are gorgeous beautiful strong women, who are really awesome on the mat but also beautiful.

(What you would say to get someone to try wrestling)

I would tell them that it’s a great opportunity to be confident, be strong, do a sport that not many people do because it’s hard. I worked in the athletic training room at my college and the, there’s a lot football players that used to wrestle, and they all say, man I chose football because wrestling is too hard, like, I couldn’t do it, I’m doing football. There’s a lot people who have tried wrestling and have quit because it’s really hard. I think every wrestler thinks about quitting a lot, because it’s hard and difficult but you’ve got to push through.

Wrestling against males, usually, most likely they’re going to be stronger than you, faster than you. When I was in high school I was on the varsity boys wrestling team. And there was quite a few times that I would step on the mat, the other team had a wrestler in my weight class, but he would forfeit the match and in my head that’s because they knew they were going to lose.

My mom was a single parent, she had me when she was a teenager so, I think from her perspective she wanted me to be a strong female and have confidence in myself and know I can do whatever it takes on my own.

Feminine to me is being confident in your own skin. Being brave, accepting yourself. There’s so many different women, so many different styles, but if you’re confident and you feel beautiful in your own skin, then it’s feminine.

I feel the most confident going into a tournament when I know I have trained my hardest. When I’m about to go out on the mat I think about, I deserve this more than this other girl, I know in my heart that I trained my hardest.

He wasn’t intimidated by my strength. He saw that as beautiful and amazing, that I can be both feminine and strong at the same time. And didn’t see that as a threat.

I know that the media represents a tall skinny white woman with blonde hair as the most beautiful. But I think that I’m beautiful just the way I am, and I think that if I could redefine feminine that would be confidence. Beauty comes from within, so if you’re confident, that radiates outside, and people can see that and that makes you feminine.


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