Olympic Wrestler

Tamyra Mensah

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My first year of wrestling I made it to state. And I ended up making it all the way to the finals and I got second. The next year I wanted to come back and after my dad had died in that car crash, I thought to myself, I think he would want me to get first. He was seriously my number one fan.

When people start just looking at me they notice that I do have an athletic build. And they ask me, are you in track? And I say, no I’m in wrestling! They’re like, Really? Like, yeah! I get so happy when they ask me, like I didn’t know it existed! Like, me neither! Until I joined.

Wrestling is teaching women to be more comfortable in their skin and healthy.

I just have way more confidence and I just feel like I can pretty much persevere through anything.

Powerful, strong, brilliant, beautiful, confident. All those strong words, that’s honestly how I would redefine feminism.

Wrestling just builds your spirit as well. Because of wrestling there’s so many hardships on that mat, and those six minutes that you just learn to fight through. I think as females we definitely need that. You need to learn to be resilient, to be strong, to be confident, and I promise you wrestling will get you there. Wrestling for me got me there.


Born: 10/11/1992
Height: 5-5
High School: Morton Ranch High School



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